A Message From Mary Magdalene

          Holy Womb Activation

        as received through Susanna Sophia Hart

                      Igniting Your Divinely Feminine Holy Womb Fire

My Dear Beloved,

Through the pulsating heartbeat of creation and on the waves of infinite love and wisdom I come to awaken, heal and restore the vibrant essence of your sacred Holy Womb Chakra.  As I activate the High Priestess within you, I invite you to receive the gift, beauty and wisdom of your divine feminine nature.  This is your Soul’s awakening, as by the grace of the Goddess, your Holy Womb Chakra is activated.  

From the sacred Presence of infinite love and grace, we flow together as One into the sacred rivers of life force Shakti.  Flowing deep within the energy currents of your physical temple, these rivers of gold (sun/spirit) and black (lunar/soul) energies are cosmic keys to accessing the divine feminine wisdom within your Holy Womb Chakra.  Flowing through the channels and gateways of your soul, these rivers are pathways to higher consciousness. For when awakened and activated these rivers flow freely to Source.

Through the Mystery School of Isis, the initiates were trained to honor the Holy Womb Charka as a sacred chalice of creation.   For it is here within the chalice of the Holy Womb that the preciousness of life is created and birthed. Initiates were also taught the sacred art of tantra.  Through tantric practices, initiates learned how to raise the vibrational frequencies of their Ka (etheric) and Baa (Celestial) bodies.  Through dedicated practice and initiations the initiate would attain the divine union of spirit (masculine) and soul (feminine) within.  For both the High Priest and the High Priestess must embody both the Holy Bride and the Holy Groom within themselves.

In the beginning, men and women lived together in harmony.  Honoring themselves as Spirit (Father) and Soul (Mother) their brain hemispheres were balanced and their Souls were aligned with their sacred purpose.  As humanity journeyed deeper into separation through ego identity, man separated himself from his divine female counterpart. Seeing himself as his own God, he severed his relationship with his feminine half. Out of balance and full of earthly desire and ambition, man suppressed his soul (feminine nature) into darkness. During this fall into darkness, the Temples Of The Goddess was destroyed and the sacred wisdom teachings of the divine feminine were forced to go underground and hide.  For thousands of years, we, the guardians of the Grail, have carried the secrets of sacred Spirit/Soul union and creation locked safe inside the darkness of the Holy Womb.

Now, it is time for Man to return from his journey into separation. To achieve this man must return through the grace of his divine counterpart, the feminine principle of Matter (Mother) herself.

Beloved… know in your heart, that even though your sacred feminine Soul was forced to hide in the darkness of the collective unconsciousness, she is still very much alive within you. Like the phoenix that rises from the ashes, she is ready to emerge into the illuminated light of The High Priestess and take her rightful place as Maiden, Mother and Matriarch.

With love, forgiveness and compassion… I invite you to take a courageous journey into the deepest and darkest secrets of your Soul.  With all of my heart, I encourage you to call forth and embrace the wounded, abandoned and vulnerable woman who has been hiding deep inside the shadowy places of your unconscious (Soul). She is the wild woman within, whose passion and freedom has been repressed and forbidden.  To find her you will have to look deep within your Soul where she was forced into hiding in the darkness that exists deep within the shadows of guilt and shame. She has been there inside waiting for you to recognize and honor the gifts of her journey, forever freeing her from the darkness and the pain.

I know that I am asking you to journey into to the places that you have feared and vowed never to go, but I promise you that your inner search will not be in vain.  For it is through this deep inner quest of courage that the true brilliance of your inner wisdom will be revealed through the light of your soul and spirit as they spiral together in divine union.

I share with you that it is through your deepest heart desire to merge within the light of the Alpha and the Omega, that you will experience a deep spiritual transformation within your being.  For it is when your holy desire burns with fire and passion from within you, that the power of your love will draw down the infinite grace of the Goddess Sophia and she will fill your Holy Chalice with pure divine consciousness. 

Through your divine desire you will once again open and activate the feminine gateways within your physical body temple. Once these gateways are open, Shakti flows like an eternal river of light, unifying your chakras and creating channels of bliss within every level of your being.  This bliss flows freely as a pure spring fountain of crystal clear amrita (bliss).  Each drop of bliss (amrita) contains within it the primordial essence of Oneness.  Oneness is the cosmic hologram that connects all beings to Source (God/Goddess):  it unifies your mind, body and heart so that you may know yourself as a co-creator within the creative life force flowing through all that is.

I have come to whisper words of encouragement as your soul is calling you to awaken from a deep trance.  It is time to listen to the unique melody of your soul’s calling and dance within the flame of your heart’s true desire.  Be present… be here… be One… within in the rhythm of creation.  Stay true to your inner voice, Listen deep within and you will access and embody the sacred faith and wisdom of the divine feminine.

In love, Mary Magdalene


© Susanna Sophia Hart

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