Holy Love; Full Moon Activation

Twin Flames:  To experience HOLY Love is to experience the most sacred union of  two hearts beating as one.  To meet another at such a deep place of oneness is to experience a feeling of Love so powerful that it catches you by surprise.  It is a boundless feeling that cannot be contained within the limits of “conditional love”.  It is an unconditional Love that opens your heart so wide that it feels as if it might burst.  From this place of intense expansion, Love pours out from every level of your being in passionate waves of bliss.  These waves of bliss flow directly into  your partner’s heart. This love is so tangible, it touches and caresses the deepest spaces within your partner’s soul. From this deep space of divine union, personalities melt away, your bodies disappear and your hearts melt together in a sacred embrace...As One... One Heart Beating...

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February 25, 2013

Phone Meditation at

7:00  PM (PST)

    Join Susan Hart for a inspirational evening of LOVE.  During this magical activation, Mary Magdalene and Yeshua awaken your inner beauty, love and creativity so that you may experience each new moment with passion and presence .  Truly... this is a invitation for you to set your Heart ablaze with HOLY LOVE.

Beloved Twin Flames Yeshua and Mary Magdalene, known as the embodiments of unconditional Love and Divine Union, invite you to take a journey of the Heart... as you completely immerse yourself within the essence of Holy Love... On this magical Full Moon evening You are being called to embrace the beauty of your Spirit.

Feel the bliss flow through your heart as you are  etherically guided across starry skies to meet, heal and awaken the fire of your Soul's Twin Flame. This is a sacred opportunity to heal your relationship with both the divine feminine and masculine energies within yourself. By healing your inner relationship with yourself, you heal your relationship with the World.

During this activation you will receive a Karmic Knot Clearing from Yeshua, Mary Magdalene, Lady Nada and the Karma Board This dispensation is divinely designed to dissolve old relationship patterns of pain and abandonment. These karmic knots have formed within your soul imprint during lifetimes in which you experienced hurt, pain and loss. Releasing these old karmic knots frees you up to invite a True Love (life partner) into your Heart NOW... Or, if you are already in a relationship, this healing allows you to experience a deeper and more intimate relationship with your present partner.

True Love is always experienced through the divinity of your Holy Heart. It is your free choice to experience Love in all of its many forms. You may choose to experience love through the reflection of a life partner or twin flame, or perhaps you will choose to meet love in the divine reflection of God / Goddess. Maybe you would like to experience a deepening of self-love by loving every level of your Being, or the selfless Love experienced by being a parent. There are infinite ways to experience and express True Love, for it is present everywhere and in every relationship that you have. The most important gift you can give yourself is to Love and to be Loved with all of your Heart...


A Sacred Crystal Grid Ceremony In Sedona,

A Gift From Susanna Hart**

As a special gift for you, on February 25th, Susanna will bury a rose quartz crystal for you in a sacred vortex space in Sedona.... The sacred intention of this crystal is to align your heart with True LOVE.. The crystal represents your rebirth into living your divine dream... Honoring Life, Love, Beauty and Cosmic Awakening... **(If you have a special prayer request please e-mail your prayer to Susanna and she will include it during the ceremony.)

On Monday, February 25, 2013 at 7:00 PM (PST) you may tune in by phone conference with Susanna Sophia Hart as she guides you to the Beautiful Temple Of Mary Magdalene and Yeshua where you will receive your activation, or you may choose to receive the activation later in the day or throughout the evening.

Prior to the phone Meditation, Susanna will start working with Beloveds Mary Magdalene and Yeshua to personally light a candle and send each person the activation. Once the transmission is sent, the energy will continue to flow throughout the night and while you are asleep. There is limited space and you must register for this event.

You do not need to participate in the phone conference for this event to receive the full benefits of the Initiation and healing...

To sign up please e-mail us at callingallangels@earthlink.net 

* Energy Exchange $33.00